MINE: Maximal Information-based Nonparametric Exploration

Usage Instructions

How to run MINE in Java

First, make sure Java is installed. Then download MINE.jar, open a command prompt, and type

java -jar MINE.jar

followed by the necessary command-line parameters.

How to run MINE in R

First, make sure both R and Java are installed. Next, download and save both MINE.jar and MINE.r into the same directory and make that directory the working directory in R. The example below then runs MINE on all the variable pairs in the file example.csv.

install.packages("rJava") # 1-time initialization step

The library exposes two functions: MINE, and rMINE. The difference between them is that MINE takes as input a path to a csv file to be analyzed, while rMINE takes as input an R matrix containing the data to be analyzed. Both functions take parameters identical to those in the Java version. For additional information, see the comments in MINE.r.